Childhood Cancer License Plate Awareness

Across the country, passionate advocates work tirelessly to provide opportunities to raise awareness about pediatric cancer and how it impacts children.  A popular way to do this is through vehicle specialty plates.  From country dirt roads to interstate highways, drivers can be reminded of the impact of this #1 disease killer of our children thanks to this simple yet highly visible advocacy.

Each state has its own procedure to validate enough interest to create a specialty plate (or for some states specialty stickers approved for the plate) and often requires a quota of applications before the plate will be produced and made available to the public.  Additionally, this interest must be maintained, for without additional requests for the plate it will eventually be discontinued.  Depending upon the state, a portion of the specialty plate fee may be donated to an identified charity, most often the nonprofit who advocated for the plate’s creation.  Requesting these plates is a simple way to support childhood cancer and raise awareness on the streets driven every day.

This map outlines the status of specialty plates across the country, indicating states that have a plate available and states that have a person/nonprofit completing the process and how to contact them. If your state doesn’t have a plate and a process hasn’t already begun, interested parties can contact the state’s department that manages vehicle license plates to learn more about how to create one.

Thank you to everyone who advocates for our children in such a simple, yet meaningful way. Safe travels!

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CAC2 Childhood Cancer License Plate Awareness