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CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit

Supported by Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society and Sobah Systems.

The CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit provides education and resources for childhood cancer survivors and families.

Empowered with important information – all in one place – families and survivors can better appreciate potential long-term side effects of the cancer experience for the entire family and learn what is possible to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Many families look forward to returning to their “normal” lives once their child’s cancer treatment is complete, only to find that life seems very different. Survivors -and their families- often have several issues to contend with post-treatment related to side effects, finances, family relationships, and the emotional impact on every member of the family. Due to the variety of treatments children need and its associated costs and stress, many families continue to deal with related issues long after treatment. The CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit draws together expertise from professionals and experienced advocates to create a dependable library of resources for survivors and their families to have current information readily available.

“The cancer experience forever changes the lives of survivors and their families, who must adjust to its physical, emotional, and social consequences. This burden may be considerable and underscores the critical need to support survivors at risk for, or living with, late effects of childhood cancer. Understanding personal cancer and treatment risks is critical to guiding decision-making related to participation in medical follow-up and healthy behaviors that can reduce chronic disease risk and preserve health. The CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit includes information and resources to manage physical and psychosocial late effects of childhood cancer that survivors commonly face.”

Melissa M. Hudson, MD, FASCO
Director, Survivorship Division
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit Introduction

The CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit provides information created by professionals in their fields. The Coalition Against Childhood Cancer – (CAC2) does not own any content unless expressly stated. Information found in the CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit is not intended to replace the recommendations of a medical/psychological professional. Please consult with your physician about medical information regarding specific circumstances.

CAC2 Survivorship Toolkit Categories

Select any of the six categories below to explore over 500 supportive resources for survivors and their families.
Resources provided by CAC2 Members are designated by

The Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2) thanks the Survivorship Interest Group volunteers – a passionate team of parent advocates, survivors, organizational members, nonprofits, and medical professionals – for their tireless commitment to support survivors by creating this educational resource.

Research abstracts are sometimes provided because it is the only available content on important topics. We look forward to taking these clinical reports and developing additional educational material for survivors and families to make it easier to keep them informed and improve their quality of life.

Please contact the Survivorship Interest Group if you would like to contribute to this effort.

Advocating for our children to thrive, not just survive.