CC Community News Digest (week of August 10-16)

Assorted news links from the last week:

INCB, WHO and UNODC Statement on Access to Internationally Controlled Medicines during COVID-19 Pandemic

FDA Issues Complete Response Letter for Pedmark  An important step forward for mitigating the risk of life-long hearing loss caused by cisplatin

AML Survivors at risk for psychosocial impairment Another study from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study

Beirut blast disrupts cancer care for children NPR reports on the wide range of damage from the explosion in Beirut

More news about DIPG:  Discoveries point to a new potential treatment approach

For childhood cancer survivors, exercise intolerance predicts a range of other health and wellness outcomes

The Golden Truth Documentary with CAC2 members as co-stars:  Lori Earl, Mark Myers (let us know if we missed you!)

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