CAC2 Webinar–Improving Time to Diagnosis for Pediatric and Young Adult Cancer Patients

We were pleased to  present the May All-Member Webinar on May 12.  Sue Guisto (Friends of Cathryn Foundation) and Steve Crowley helped us host a speaker program that included Drs. David Walker and Scott Coven speaking on

 Improving Time to Diagnosis for Pediatric and Young Adult Cancer Patients

The presentation addressed the reasons why and solutions for detecting symptoms of cancer in children earlier in the diagnosis timeline.  Speakers founded the UK’s Head Smart Program which has effectively addressed delayed diagnosis in children’s brain tumors.



Many parents of children who have or are battling cancer have experienced the frustration and, in some cases, catastrophic results of a delayed diagnosis. A small group of CAC2 Members whose children experienced delays came together about a year ago to discuss what can be done to address this issue within our community. These parents/advocates researched, surveyed, collaborated and during the webinar shared their results at the May webinar.  Learn more about this issue and help us to develop solutions to delayed diagnosis of children with cancer by viewing this video.

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