CAC2 Member Blog–Be A Voice for the Children

By CAC2 Members Dena Sherwood, Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation and Mike Gilette, The Truth 365

Tonight, 1/21, at 8 pm ET:  Join forces with over 700 organizations and groups by helping launch the powerful short film, “Be a Voice for the Children.” Produced by the Emmy® Award-Winning team at The Truth 365, this 8-minute video features interviews with 15 young cancer fighters who share their fears, frustrations, dreams and goals. They also tell viewers exactly what they can do to help make childhood cancer research a national priority.
This grassroots effort is for the entire childhood cancer community and designed to bring national attention to this important cause.  It is spearheaded by CAC2 members Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation, Frankie’s Mission, Journey 4 A Cure as well as the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. As seen through the eyes of children, the film personalizes childhood cancer and exposes the truth about limited treatment options, the lack of funding for research and inaction by our elected leaders. The call to action asks viewers to sign a petition for the President and Congress to make childhood cancer research a national priority. To date, the petition already has received over 50,000 online and in-person signatures. To maximize the impact, these signed petitions will be hand-delivered to a bi-partisan group of elected leaders later this year.

CAC2 members and all organizations that care about children are encouraged to participate. To help make a difference for kids with cancer, please post a personal note and the following link on all of your social media accounts on 1/21 at 8 PM ET. (If you can’t do it exactly at 8 PM, please post it anytime on 1/21.)

Please also use the hashtag #BeAVoice365

No single organization can put an end to the various types of childhood cancer. We owe it to our children to work together to develop safer and more effective treatments. Will you help?

For more information, please contact Mike or Dena at The Truth 365 at 

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