CAC2 Webinar–Why Childhood Cancer Foundations are Adopting the Venture Philanthropy Approach

In our January CAC2 All-Member webinar CAC2 invited the following panelists to speak on Venture Philanthropy: Dean Crowe – Rally Foundation For Childhood Cancer Research, Steve Giusto – Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, Joe McDonough – The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation and Dena Sherwood – Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Venture Philanthropy is a growing trend across many important social issues. For the childhood cancer community, one case study of venture philanthropy is with Oncoheroes Biosciences. Since October 2019, 12 childhood cancer nonprofits have invested in this biotech company that is developing new therapies for children with cancer. In this webinar, some of the participating foundation leaders will share their experiences making the decision to invest in venture philanthropy.