Global Call to Action: International Childhood Cancer Day Follow Up

From our Friends at Childhood Cancer International:

Every February 15th since 1993 people around the world have celebrated International Childhood Cancer Day, created and organized by Childhood Cancer International (CCI) and supported by SIOP. Every  three years there is a new campaign theme, and the theme for 2024 to 2026 focuses on the challenges and inequalities faced by children and adolescents with cancer, as well as their families.  The theme also seeks to highlight solutions.

Our friends at CCI encourage everyone to participate in this important campaign! Why? The more voices that gather, the stronger the call and the greater the impact.



To add your input to the map and join the campaign, visit, click on ‘participate,’ and share with the world the challenges you have experienced, or experience, with childhood cancer care. Your input will populate to this global map of patient experiences. In the live version, clicking on each golden icon introduces us to a different patient experience.

The platform will stay open for your input until March 31, 2024.