Perhaps one day, we can all say hello to the cure. ~The Meo Family

By CAC2 Member Matt Meo (Hello Cure)

Our family is yet another childhood cancer family. Our son, Landon Meo, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma on March 25th, 2021 and passed away on December 17, 2022 at the age of 10 and 1/2. Landon always said his wish is that “no kid EVER” have cancer.

Like many parents, we found ourselves asking, “What can we do to help?” We frequently saw parents share their child’s story on Facebook and Instagram pages. Many had thousands of followers. Even the ones with smaller followings had a circle of people who genuinely cared about them. 

We started to wonder: could our community raise more money to help children with cancer, if the people who already care about a child with cancer could show their support in small increments, like buying a cup of coffee each month?

With this idea energizing us, we harnessed our professional skills to build a nonprofit software platform called HelloCure ( It’s a monthly donation platform dedicated to childhood cancer that helps nonprofits and warrior-parents team up to raise money for research, family support, and advocacy. And with Landon’s spirit guiding us, we designed it to be 100% free for nonprofits & parents.

We wanted the childhood cancer community to benefit from a concept we knew from our business experience that harnesses smaller, more affordable donation amounts and encourages regular, scheduled donations. When parents create recurring donation pages, it helps nonprofits reach an entirely new market of donors. We call these donors “allies.” And whose ally would you want to become more than anyone? The warrior you care about.


How does HelloCure work for parents?

HelloCure donation pages are customized to the child being honored. Parents create meaningful plan names and prices (for example, $3.25/mo because Landon was diagnosed on March 25th). Pages are very easy to create – there is an “Instant” option for a quick setup, and a “Custom” option for a more detailed and personalized setup that includes uploading a video, customizing settings, and more. And of course, parents designate their favorite childhood cancer foundation to receive the funds.

Then, parents share the donation page on their Warrior’s Facebook/Instagram pages with those who are already compelled to give in honor of the Warrior. Our hope is that by helping families encourage their allies to make small, recurring donations, then nonprofits can do more of the good they are already doing.

How does HelloCure work for nonprofits?

No matter your mission, we want you to do more of it. HelloCure can benefit any childhood cancer nonprofit, whether they are research-focused, family support focused, or a hybrid of the two. We do this by enabling parents to create meaningful recurring-only donation pages and designate the proceeds to their preferred foundation to spend on research or supporting families. We also simplify the process for the foundation to receive recurring donation revenue. If you are a nonprofit interested in learning more about HelloCure, request a demo. We’d love to show you the platform and answer your questions.

Curious enough to want to learn more? 

Perhaps one day, we can all say hello to the cure.

– The Meo Family