CAC2 Member Blog–The Power of Color

By CAC2 Member Tony Stoddard, Sophia’s Fund

There are four boxes in this picture; each box contains colors, a pink box, a green box, a rainbow colored box, and a gold box. When I asked people what the pink box meant to them most answered, “breast cancer” When I asked about the green box a great deal of people said, “The environment or recycling” When I asked about the rainbow colored box a lot of people replied, “gay rights” When I asked what the gold box meant to them I received answers such as, “I don’t know, or it means wealth”

The breast cancer awareness movement, the environmental protection movement, and the gay rights movement have branded their colors to the point where all you have to do is simply see a color and you think of their cause. They have splashed their colors so often in so many places that the color of their cause has been ingrained in the consciousness of most American’s and citizens throughout the world. This is why I feel it is so important to have gold shine in as many places as possible in the month of September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and throughout the year. If we can saturate the world with gold as these other groups have done with the colors of their causes, every time people see the color gold for the rest of the year and beyond the first thought that will come to their mind will be “Childhood Cancer” This is how we will increase awareness, this is why it is so important to go gold. Please help us make this happen. It all begins with awareness. Awareness is the first step on the pathway to greater funding and research that is desperately needed to fight childhood cancer.

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